Cemetery Conservation


One of the purposes of The Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand is to create awareness of cemeteries as an important part of New Zealand’s heritage. On the monuments of our ancestors lies a record of the past, which enables the tracing of family history whilst providing a rich source of local history. The symbolism of death through monuments and structures is demonstrated in 19th century examples of the stonemason’s craft and formal garden design. Cemeteries are a vast resource for researchers of our history and people. It is our hope that this guide will encourage you to take an interest in the conservation of your family grave and maintain our heritage for future generations.

Guide to the Conservation of Family Graves

We encourage you to consider the conservation of your family grave. We are available to advise on sympathetic restoration or conservation of any family grave. If you are contemplating any such work you must contact the cemetery authority before proceeding. All repair and restoration work will need to be undertaken by qualified trades-people and executed in sympathy with the surrounding grave sites. Note also that physical cemetery remains in a place older than 1900AD may be considered an archaeological site under the Historic Places Act 1993 and therefore be protected legally (section 10). If so, an archaeological ‘authority’ (see sections 11, 12 and 14 Historic Places Act 1993) may be required before any modification can be lawfully undertaken. Please refer any other matters to your Local Authority.
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